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*** Informations coronavirus COVID-19 ***


May 11th, 2020, update:

May 11th, 2020, the deconfinement!

Yes, but...

However, this does not mean a return to "life as before" right now.

Also, May 11th, 2020 does not yet mean the normal resumption of our activity, unfortunately.

Not all carriers / deliverers are yet equipped with masks. They therefore still endanger their health, and yours, by delivering the packages!

The delivery services are all saturated by the lack of manpower and the working conditions made more difficult by "barrier gestures" and "social distancing".

Also, delivery times are greatly extended, and many packages are lost altogether.

The delivery of the packages is done without signature, so there is no proof of delivery.

In the event of absence during delivery, the procedures for retrieving the packages are still unclear.

Consequently, in the event of delay, lost parcel or damaged goods, there is NO recourse possible. NO compensation.

The weight and volume of packages is also limited. No more than 15kg and / or preferably no larger than 32cm x 24cm x 24cm.

Also, we do not wish to resume shipments of orders until we can not ensure a total follow-up of the order from start to finish, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.

In addition, the situation changes every day, and it is different within France depending on the department, and of course from one country to another... All this is very difficult to manage!

If you really want us to ship your order, we will do as you wish, but we remind you that the delivery times are extended (there will be delay, so be patient, please do not overload our after-sales service), and that in any case of a lost parcel or damaged goods, there will be NO COMPENSATION (please also do not overload our after-sales service in the event of a delivery problem since there is no recourse).

Also we strongly recommend you to be a little more patient, and wait for a return to a quality of correct delivery service, which we hope will be fast ... This situation will not last forever!

Have no fear, thanks to your support during this difficult period, and your orders despite the confinement (and for that we thank very very warmly all those who supported us), thanks to you, our small business is doing well, be certain that all orders will be honored! Slowly but surely.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Be patient, and most of all, take care of yourself.


March 17th, 2020:

As part of the containment measures taken by the French government from March 17, 2020, our activity, like so many others, is disrupted. The following text is a bit long, but please read until the end, it's important.

It was a very difficult decision for a small business like ours, but we decided to put common sense and safety first.

We suspend the dispatch of orders until further notice.

The movement of people must be reduced to the minimum necessary. Pompom can wait a few days for his new bridle!

We are not going to go to the Post Office to drop off your packages and potentially make the virus circulate.

We do not ask postmen/deliverers to take risks for their health and that of others, for products that are not essential to life.

We also ask our suppliers not to send us any more packages, to limit the comings and goings of delivery drivers.

And as we do ourselves, we ask you to limit your travels and your interactions with other people as much as possible.

Do not take unnecessary risks either, ride a horse, cut wood or redo your roof for example ... Hospitals are already overloaded, unnecessary to add even more patients because of accidents that could have been avoided.

Orders in progress with our manufacturers are still in progress, with of course the disruptions related to current conditions and inevitable delays. Portugal, Spain and Italy, countries where all of our suppliers are based, like France, are subject to exceptional sanitary measures. Zaldi has completely closed his workshops until further notice. The Marjoman workshops continue to operate, but to manufacture approved masks for healthcare personnel! The others are idling.

You can always place an order on our site if you wish, especially for products made by ordering, but also for items in stock that will be reserved for you and shipped as soon as the situation is back to normal.

Everyone says it, and we repeat it to you, because we can never say it enough: limit your trips to what is strictly necessary.

Don't panic, but be reasonable and use common sense.

Protect yourself. Protect the others.

Containment is a necessary evil to stem the spread of the virus, and the more rigorous we are, the less time it will last!

It is about the lives of many people, and the economic health of our country.

Be reasonable and careful, and see you very soon!


Anne-Sophie & Thierry - Sellerie Occitane




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Welcome to the Sellerie Occitane,

specialist of historical reenactment and horse show.



horse show, medieval, empire, western saddlery

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logo facebook http://sellerie-iberique.com/catalog/img/p/1145-7390.jpg

Created in 2005, the Sellerie Occitane regroup more than 1500 references arround historical reenactment

and horse show,

one of the biggest choice in Europa in our speciality!


Thus propose many items of all times and all regions of the world, horse and rider tack:


cosack volting saddle, bridles, breastplates, etc....


bridles, breastplate, breastcollar, breechings, chamfers, etc...


bridles, halters, breastplates, surcingles, stirrups, schabraques, saddles, etc...


bridles, saddles, etc...



And because our passion for Horses and History does not stop to saddlery, we also participate to various historical reenactments and horse shows with our horses... Do not hesitate to visit our website Cheval de Bataille:

cheval de bataille, spectacle équestre et animations historiques



Come to discover our website Héritage Militaire:

Héritage Militaire, reproduction d'uniformes et d'accessoires militaires historiques.

Please visit too the website of our other online saddlery, the Sellerie la Garrocha:


sellerie la garrocha


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